Thermal Belly Slimming Serum + Belt

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Proven to reduce weight gain and fat mass by more than 30 per cent over four weeks.

Targets “apple shaped” midsection fat accumulation & eliminates menstrual cramps with far infrared rays & thermal healing.

They work by breaking down the energy-storing white fat underneath skin, turning it into energy-burning brown fats. 


  • Slim Down

Depresses subcutaneous fat and inner organ fat formation. Stimulates blood circulation & lipid metabolism for breaking down storage of fats.

  • Prevent Fat Build Up

Herbal ingredients enter the body through the skin and are released to block grease, oil and sugar absorption.

  • Safe & Natural

Formulated with all natural herbal ingredients for external usage. Risk-free of any side effects.

  • Quick Result

Visible results within four weeks of use.

  • Zero Effort

Perfect for people with no time for exercise and irregular dietary. Simply apply the serum and then the belt on the abdominal for 30 minutes everyday. 


Serum Shelf Life: 24 Months

Powered By: USB charging

Temperature: 45°C - 50°C

Directions: Place on the abdominal area for 30 minutes everyday. 


1x Thermal Belly Slimming Belt

1x Belly Slimming Serum