Super Glue Adhesive Remover
Super Glue Adhesive Remover

Super Glue Adhesive Remover

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Remove pesky & tough adhesives & stickers anywhere!

Super Glue Adhesive Remover eliminates tough glue & stain on surfaces as well as correcting bad bonds & car paint. It’s the most effective way to remove gummy messes, dried paint, UV gel, and strong adhesives.

The concentrated, potent yet safe-on-surface formula breaks down the atomic bonds of adhesive substances at the molecular level, without destroying the outer layers of an object.


  • Clears stubborn super glue stain
  • 100% removal from glass and metals
  • Perfect for removing paint scuffs & streaks from car exterior
  • Safe to use on cars, wood, plastics, carpet, clothing, stone
  • Leaves no spot or residue
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable & low odor formula  
  1. Clean & dry the targeted surface
  2. Apply directly on the surface with the brush applicator until it is fully covered
  3. Let dry and wipe the surface clean
  • Net Weight: 10ml


  • 1PC X Super Glue Adhesive Remover