Spider Prank Box
Spider Prank Box
Spider Prank Box
Spider Prank Box
Spider Prank Box

Spider Prank Box

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If you’re looking for the perfect gift to send your arachnophobic friends into a serious scare, the Spider Prank Box is the item for you!

When this prank arrives it looks like a wooden gift box. Unknowingly to the individual that opens it, as they slide open the box, a spider LEAPS OUT at them. This is a very SIMPLE & EXTREMELY effective way to prank someone you know. Best of all you can use it over and over and over! It is the prank that keeps on pranking!

This simple but effective prank is wonderful for those who can’t stand 8 legged pests, but are also fun for a quick surprise on coworkers and friends.


Fun and easy to prank your family, friends and colleagues.

Seemingly normal wooden gift box, equipped with an easy to open lid.

Option to add any message you’d like on the outside. 

Can be reused over and over again.

Non-toxic material, no sharp edges, and sturdy structure.



Size: 9.1*6.1*6.5 cm

Color: Wooden Box / Black Spider


1x Spider Prank Box