Silk Self-heating Vest

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Self-heating smart vest that is able to respond to changes in temperature and create an individual "microclimate" for its wearer.

It is 85% warmer than usual thermal wear, perfect inner protection. Made from thick yet soft and comfortable materials; allowing you to move freely.


  • Thermal Technology

Made with the advanced thermal technology, this women’s thermal long sleeved top has been designed to be self-heating and keep you snuggly warm with just one thin layer of cloth.

  • Comfortable

With soft elastication around the neckline and armholes, and curved seams at the front, this n top keeps you comfortable without restrictions. 

  • Seamless

The vest is luxuriously lightweight making it the perfect base layer for cooler climates.

  • Spandex

Made from Spandex material which is known for its exceptional elasticity, meaning it fits well on your body allowing you to make large, extra movements without limits.

  • No Pilling and Fading

Made with top quality fabric treatment making it durable and pill-resistant. Color doesn’t fade easily, and can stand the test of time.


Size: L - 2xL

Color: Black, Beige, Pink, Green