LED Copper Wire Lights
LED Copper Wire Lights
LED Copper Wire Lights
LED Copper Wire Lights
LED Copper Wire Lights

LED Copper Wire Lights 

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Made with bright and beautiful colors perfect for decorating stuff. You can use this at home as Christmas decor, at events like birthdays, weddings, parties, and more.  

Battery-operated, easy to set up, and safe. It can turn any simple ambiance and gifts into a gorgeous one. It is composed of LED lights which means it can save more energy than usual lights.


  • Perfect for Decoration

It is a perfect tool to help you decorate event venues like weddings, concerts, and more! You can also use this to decorate your house for Christmas, adding some style to it. 

  • Colorful and Bright

Made with colorful and bright colors giving a fancy and gorgeous look on your surroundings. Perfect to use during the evening to better see its beauty.

  • Battery Operated

It is battery-operated, no need to plug it, allowing you to decorate outdoor events, plus it also enables you to reuse the lights as much as you want.

  • Easy to Set Up

Lightweight, and easy to set up. Could work alone, but will also work and blend well with other decorative materials.

  • Energy Saving

This light string is made up of LED lights that are known for their energy-saving features. It uses less energy than usual.

  • Can be Used for Gifts

Not only it is great for venues and houses, but you can also use this in gift wrapping. To make every gift extra special.


Length: 1M - 10 Bulbs, 2M - 20 Bulbs, 3M - 30 Bulbs

Color: White, Multi-Color, Warm White

Battery Operated

Package Includes

1x LED Copper Wire Lights