Handy Space Heater
Handy Space Heater
Handy Space Heater
Handy Space Heater
Handy Space Heater
Handy Space Heater

Handy Space Heater

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Heat up your home and save money on your heating bill with the Handy Space Heater. This portable personal heater is powerful and small, making it the perfect heater to take with you wherever you go. Using dual heater and fan technology, the 3Handy Space Heater heats up fast and the heat resistant housing will stay cool to the touch. 

An incredible heater - an amazing TOTAL package. Plug into any wall outlet for instant warmth. 

The compact size makes this space heater perfect for small rooms like kitchens or bedrooms. Can heat up to 250 square feet, making it the perfect plug in heater for travel, offices, dorms, and rooms! This is a marvel of modern engineering. Its programmable timer can be set for one to twelve hours.


Wall-outlet space heater

Anti-overheat protection ensures the heater instantly switches off in high temperature

Digital temperature displays adjustable thermostat

60 to 90° temperature setting

Programmable 1 to 12 hours timer setting

Power indicator light

Use one in the room rather than switching on the whole house's central heating


Material: plastic


Dimension: approx. 4.3" x 2.8" x 6.5"

Operating Modes: High and Low


1x Handy Space Heater
OR With 1x Remote Control