Double-Belt Slimming Vest

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Your gym and workout buddy, the best equipment for losing weight.

By increasing the body temperature, it increases the sweating process around the belly. The extra sweat is produced by burning the extra calories mainly, thereby efficiently reducing the bulge of the tummy.


  • Extra Sweat

Raises body temperature in the abdominal area, increases sweat production to lose water weight and eliminate bloating.

  • Weight Loss

Double compression belts and even insulation takes your exercise to the next level and accelerates the fat burn process.

  • Unique Front

The front U-shaped chest anti-sag design can make your breasts more upright, and can also effectively control the fat in the armpits and back support your lumbar spine.

  • Breathable

Made of a moisture-wicking material, so while it increases sweat production, wearers will remain dry.

  • Comfortable

Adjustable velcro to fit your waist to your comfort without skin irradiation or cause suffocation.


Size: S - 3xL

Color: Black


1x Double-Belt Slimming Vest