Car Waxing Polishing Machine

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Remove surface scratches and add a reflective shine to vehicles. It features random orbit action for a fast and high-quality finish. 

This kit offers everything needed to put a quick and high-quality shine on any vehicle surface.


  • Wax/Polish

Runs on random orbit at 4,400 orbits per minute for a swirl-free finish to remove imperfections on car exterior and add a film of shine on top.

  • Entire Set

This easy-to-use random orbital car polisher has a long cord for ideal mobility and includes both the foam applicator, for applying the wax, and the polishing bonnets.

  • Ergonomic Handle

Its single-handle design makes it comfortable to hold onto and allows for even weight distribution when applying and removing wax. 

  • Wide Applications

Ideal for automotive sheet metal coating operations, a zinc supplement soil grinding, wood furniture, metal grinding, and all the required smooth surface operations.

  • Perfect Tool

Low noise and high performance, a great car maintenance machine for you to keep in your car.


Size: 500G

Color: Black, Orange


1x Car Waxing Polishing Machine

2x Foam Applicator