Cigarettes Cleansing Filter Powder
Cigarettes Cleansing Filter Powder
Cigarettes Cleansing Filter Powder

Cigarettes Cleansing Filter Powder

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The New Technology to Nullify the Effects of Nicotine and Tar is finally here!

Smoking causes toxic & carcinogenic chemicals to build up in your lungs and airways, filling your lungs with tar & harmful accumulates.

Cigarettes Cleansing Filter Powder reacts with & paralyzes nicotine and toxic metabolites, clearing out carcinogenic compounds from lungs with minimal cigarette withdrawal.

While it could take years of time for the body to remove tar from the lungs of a heavy smoker, the detoxifying powder helps lungs drain excess mucus & prevents lung infections. Ideal for people who find it difficult to reduce or quit smoking.


  • Fights nicotine addiction & clears tobacco residues
  • Anti-inflammatory plant extracts & herbs to aid quitting
  • Coats your throat & lessens the severity of smokers’ cough
  • Lowers the irritation of cigarettes to cardiovascular & respiratory tracts
  • Reduces the symptoms of bronchitis & chronic pneumonia
  • Cuts down the harm of second-hand smoke
  • Refreshes your breath with mild minty & herbal scent

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  • Ingredients: Coltsfoot, Mint, Beta-cyrptoxanthin, Cysteine, Anti-oxidants 
  • Net Weight: 4g  (4-12 Weeks Use for Daily Smokers)


  • Dip the tobacco end to obtain product
  • Light the cigarette as usual


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